Youth Soccer of New Rochelle (YSNR) is a not-for-profit organization serving the New Rochelle community. YSNR's Recreational League organizes and runs Spring and Fall programs for boys and girls grades pre-K through 8.

The Recreational League's goals are simple:

  • Have fun!
  • Develop good sportsmanship
  • Have fun!
  • Learn the fundamentals of the game
  • Have fun!

We emphasize participation by everyone and the values of commitment and teamwork. We rely on parents to volunteer their time as board members, coaches, and helpers to help us realize our goals (the main one being to have fun).

Please consider joining our ranks of volunteers. No experience is necessary and we welcome help in any size, shape, or form. The success of our program depends on you; please don't underestimate the impact you can make on a child's life. We need you!

Please visit our website by clicking here to find more information about our league.

Thank you, and may there be many smiles and goals this season.

Youth Soccer of New Rochelle

YSNR- Recreation Division Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Background: Youth Soccer New Rochelle is a volunteer organization with two divisions. Recreation Division (”Rec.”) and a Travel Division. The two divisions share a website The Recreation division introduces the kids to soccer and develops their skills through use of professional trainers - The Storm Academy. Most of the kids in the Travel Division started in the Rec. program. The Travel division is for children who want a more competitive environment.

Travel tryouts

Are in late spring starting with 2nd graders, although younger kids can tryout. Many children play in both divisions at the same time as the scheduling allows for it, and many kids enjoying playing with their friends in Rec. who may not play Travel. Travel tryouts occur in early June. Dates and times to be determined. That is handled by the Travel division of YSNR.

The Rec. program starts with Pre-k and goes through 8th grade. All are welcome, you do not need to be a New Rochelle resident. The schedule is posted on the website and all the activities for Pre k through 5th grade take place at the Albert Leonard Middle School (“ALMS”). (6th-8th occurs at City Park). The program is on Saturdays.

The Saturday Rec.

Program is for one hour for each grade division. The first 30 minutes is training conduct by The Storm Academy, who train pre-k up through high school throughout the tri-state region. The second 30 minutes is a game coached by volunteer coaches. Please register to volunteer when you register your child. There are referees for grades 2nd -8th games.

Pre-K and K kids

Are put into teams each week. We do not have regular teams at this level as the attendance is fairly variable week to week and we found it easier to just assign kids each week.

1st-8th grade

There are set teams that we assign prior to the start of the program. If your child has a particular friend they want to play with, particularly for new arrivals, just mention it in the comment section during registration. We try to accommodate as much as possible, but can’t guarantee.

The above activities all take place on one large open field at ALMS so you can always see your child, even when you have a few running around. While it is all held at one place, it is not a drop off program. Parents are required to stay on the field. The filed is large and kids tend to explore. Although the field looks completely fenced in, it is not. There are ways out, so keeping an eye on kids is important. We haven't lost anyone in 40+ years, and we want to keep the streak going!

Costs: Registration

$80 per child. Uniform = $40 (Only for 1st grade and up. Pre K and K T-shirt is included).   Uniform includes a reversible jersey, shorts and socks. Shin guards are not included, but are required and can be purchased at a local sporting goods store). Scholarships are available for those who receive discounted school lunch, or have other hardships. For those receiving the discounted school lunch, simply send a copy of the letter to the Registrar and we will credit 50% discount towards the registration cost upon receipt. Volunteer time is requested for those receiving scholarships.

Copy can be sent via email (, or hardcopy to below Mailing Address: Registrar’s Office P.O. Box 373 New Rochelle, NY 10804


Are available for pick-up a few days prior to Opening Day, usually we have an evening pick-up time at the High School. Uniforms also will be available the morning of Opening Day at ALMS.

What are the costs for a season?

Registration = $80 per child. Uniform = $40 (Only for 1st grade and up. Pre K and K T-shirt is included).   Uniform includes reversible jersey, shorts and socks. A uniform can be used for multiple seasons, so order perhaps a size larger so you don’t have to buy one each year.   Shin guards are not included, but required. They should be worn under the socks.

The players in Pre K and K will receive a T-shirt to wear. They can wear their own shorts. Cleats are recommended, but not required. Shin guards are required and should be worn under the socks.  

How does my child dress properly for soccer?

See videos for explanation

How to properly put on shin guards for soccer

How to put on your shin guards)

What is the policy regarding jewelry?

LINK TO Jewelry Policy on YSNR website


What does the program involve?

The Club has hired professional trainers, Storm Academy. They employ a special curriculum designed to teach children the game of soccer. The program for Pre-K through 5th Grade divisions is 1 hour each Saturday with 30 minutes of training and 30 minute games. Be on time for training. Parents should stand back, away from the training area. This provides the children the proper space, and ability to focus on the drills and skills. The next 30 minutes are for a game with each team run by volunteer coaches.

Do the games have referees?

Yes. Starting with the 2nd grade, referees are used. Each grade level the referees increase their enforcement of the rules, helping to teach and explain along the way. The Club has

been using Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) referees. Many of them are training for travel league play. Please do not harass them. They help keep the game organized and enforce the rules - although we have instructed them to exercise judgment and flexibility with the younger children. Any comments about the referee should be provided to the Coordinator for the grade division.

When do the kids play?

Time of sessions by grade

When will my child receive the uniform?

You can get the uniform/T-shirt on our Uniform Distribution Day, usually a day or two before opening day at the High School. Also, on Opening Day at Albert Leonard we distribute the shirts and uniforms.

How can I tell which team my child has been assigned?

Your child is registered and will be assigned a team once registration closes. You can check under your account in the Registration system. In addition, team coaches should be contacting you to inform you of the team assignment.  

What is the age requirement to participate in the program?

For Pre K the child should be 4 or turning 4 during the current season.

What are the requirements for financial assistance?

Anyone that receives discount school lunch is eligible to receive a reduction of the registration fee. A copy of the school district letter should be sent to the Registrar and the fee will be deducted from the registration cost. LINK TO ADDRESS ON WEBSITE

Are trophies given to the children?

Yes for grades pre k and K only. Trophy day occurs only for the Fall season, the traditional soccer season.

Is there a photography day for team and individual photos?

Yes, during the Fall season only there will be a professional photographer available one weekend for both team and individual pictures. Registration and payment can all be done via the company’s website.  

How can I volunteer?

During the registration process you can indicate an area to volunteer. Also, you can contact the Board – Below are some of those options. Don’t wait to be asked, take the initiative and get involved!  


Uniform distribution is a task by YSNR Board members and volunteers that involves handing out new uniforms. Distribution takes place the week before the scheduled Opening Day, at a designated place and time, as well as on Opening day at the field. Volunteers are asked for an hour or two of their time. Spanish speakers are helpful for this function.


For each grade, boys and girls, there is a coordinator(s). This person(s) acts as a liaison between parents, coaches and the Board. The requirements include:

Ensuring that each child is assigned a team.

Ensuring that each team has a coach and/or coaches.

That the teams are balanced and to the best efforts possible, meet any special requests made during registration.

The coaches have communicated to the parents what team their child is on.

After training session and pre game line-up by the cones, ensure field assignments and that teams are balanced.

For grades 2nd and up ensure referees are there for each game.

Help resolve any issues for the grade on the field and report any necessary issues to the Board.

As required for insurance purposes, all coordinators must submit to a background check.


Each team needs at least one coach. This can be done in a co-coach arrangement. The primary role is to ensure each child’s safety and enjoyment. This person(s) will:

Work with grade coordinator to establish a team

Communicate with each player prior to the season and inform them which team they are on.

After grade level training, bring their team to the proper field and set a line-up, rotate players among positions, teach basic rules and techniques of the game.

The coach should be the only person communicating to the referees.

As required for insurance purposes, all coaches must submit to a background check.

YSNR periodically has coaching clinics held by professional trainers to help coaches have the basic skills necessary at the recreation level. All coaches should sign-up during registration prior to the season and help establish a team once registration is ended.


Each season’s opening day can be busy with check-in, uniforms distribution, purchases, scheduling questions and other inquiries. To free up Board members who are often handling questions, assistance on the check-in and uniform distribution is a great way to help out and get the season off to a wonderful start.




After registration and uniform distribution, we need to have a count of our inventory. Based on this count, we order additional uniforms and equipment for the next season. This is a few hours each season that can be done at the end of Opening Day prior to our bringing inventory back to storage. It can also be done at the storage room at another time.


With a diverse population, we have a need for Spanish speakers to assist during a few activities throughout the season. Registration, and Opening Day are the primary times of need, but we also need assistance answering phone inquiries. The phone inquiries can be done from home, and on the volunteer’s schedule. In addition, as we try to expand our website content, Spanish pages would be a valuable addition.

Such assistance helps expand our offering to more children who enjoy the game

REGISTRATION (multiple roles)

The online registration process can create questions for parents. Volunteers who have been done the registration can often assist first timers. Some basic navigation understanding can simplify the process. This is a role that can be done remotely and on volunteer’s schedule.

WEBSITE (multiple roles):

YSNR recently updated its website and can use assistance in maintaining and updating its content. As this is work than can be done at home or anywhere online access is available, it is a good opportunity for those who would like to help, but need to do so from home or off hours.


This occurs only in the Fall season. This position requires coordinating with the photography company and on the field with the teams on the scheduled day.


This occurs only in the Fall season. Trophies are rewarded to all participants in Pre K and K. This position requires pick-up of trophies and brought to the field for distribution after the game on the scheduled trophy day usually the next to last week of the season.

MONITORING: voice mail & email

We need assistance answering phone and email inquiries. Answering the inquiries can be done from home, and on the volunteer’s time schedule. Many inquiries can be resolved with simple responses, while occasionally an issue for the Board is required.

Your help is greatly appreciated. You can sign up during registration for a specific role.

My child would like to play on the same team with a classmate or friend. Is this possible? If so, how can I do so?

When you register your child, indicate in the comments field the person they would like to be on same team as. We try and accommodate these types of request, but know that the teams need to be balanced in number.