Coaches List

The Coaches committee is responsible for choosing all coaches at all age groups. If you are interested in becoming a coach at any age group, please email for more information.  Some criteria that we look for in a coach include

  • Mandatory 2 hours course provided by WYSL Soccer (FREE). 
  • Demostrated ability to work well with children and an understanding of what works with kids
  • Good "people" person who delegated appropriately
  • Willingness to adhere to the philosophy of NRFC
  • Background check

Once selected to be a coach, you will need to sign up at Sports Signup Registration Page. For more information about the league please visit Westchester Youth Soccer League.  If you child is interested in playing there might still be an opportunity to sign them up, please reach out directly to the coach based on the age group.  If you want to try out for a team higher that U13, please send an email to

Coaches List 2016-2017 Season

U13 Boys and Girls

Boys U13 - Bombers: Norman Carpio,

Boys U13 - United 04: Alfredo Valencia,

Boys U13 -Sabres: Edward Homola,

Girls U13 - Valiants: Nancy Glynn-Hyland,

Girls U13 - Purple Angels: Daniel Sanz,

Girls U13 - Purple Reign: Robert Balachandran,

U12 Boys and Girls

Boys U12 - Hammers: Michael Abbey,

Boys U12 - Purple Dragons: Jose Sandoval,

Girls U12 - Queen Bees: Sean Rivera,

Girls U12 - Twisters: Manoj Jacob,

Girls U12 - Blaze: David Shefferman,

U11 Boys and Girls

Boys U11 - Arrows: Edward Homola,

Boys U11 - Cobras: Pier Witek,

Boys U11 - Pumas: Oswaldo Ramiro,

Girls U11 - Atomic Kickers: Ivette Rosario-Perez,

U10 Boys and Girls (Team category)

Boys U10 (A) - Thunder: Richard Bamberger,

Boys U10 (B) - Thunderbolts: Eddie Temistokle,

Boys U10 (C) - Vikings: Sandra Iannarone,

Girls U10 (A) - Jaguars: Edwin Roseberry,

Girls U10 (B) - Tigers: Constantino Riviello,

Girls U10 (C) - Wildfires: Gerard Kirk,

U9 Boys and Girls (Team category)

Boys U9 (A) - Falcons: Sandra Iannarone,

Boys U9 (B) - Cosmos: Jose Cornejo,

Boys U9 (C) - Dynamites: Ricardo Guajardo,

Boys U9 (D) - Blasters: Constantino Riviello,

Girls U9 (A) - Rebels: Zevi Tilles,

Girls U9 (B) - Killer Bees: Michael Mikhailov,