U9-U12 Tryouts


Please Arrive 15 minutes early to check in and warm up

Age GroupDate Of BirthTryout #1Tryout #2
B09-2011 1/1/11-12/31/11 Fri 10-May, 5-6pm (Fosina) Sat 18-May, 3-4pm (CP BB #2)
B10-2010 1/1/10-12/31/10 Sat 11-May, 4-5pm (Fosina) Fri 17-May, 6-7pm (Fosina)
B11-2009 1/1/09-12/31/09 Fri 10-May, 7-8pm (Fosina) Sat 18-May, 5-6pm (CP BB #2)
B12-2008 1/1/08-12/31/08 Sat 11-May, 2-3pm (Fosina) Sat 18-May, 7-8pm (CP BB #2)
G09-2011 1/1/11-12/31/11 Sat 11-May 3-4pm (Fosina) Fri 17-May 5-6pm (Fosina)
G10-2010 1/1/10-12/31/10 Sat 11-May, 5-6pm (Fosina) Sat 18-May, 4-5pm (CP BB #2)
G11-2009 1/1/09-12/31/09 Fri 10-May, 6-7pm (Fosina) Sat 18-May, 6-7pm (CP BB #2)
G12-2008 1/1/08-12/31/08 Sat 11-May, 1-2pm (Fosina) Fri 17-May, 7-8pm (Fosina)

* Includes 2008 Premier Boys tryouts

For U13 and older tryout dates, please email info@newrochellefc.org

NOTE: If you do not see your child’s age group please visit our website or contact us directly

What is New Rochelle Travel Soccer?

Skill development, Teamwork and more competitive soccer with superior dedicated instruction

  • Boys and Girls in the 2012 age group are are welcome but not guaranteed a spot. Teams will be selected based on skill. All age groups have slots open. Starts September 2019 – June 2020. Teams are based on "BIRTH YEAR" 
  • Players should register online at https://ysnewrochelle.siplay.com BEFORE your tryout date
  • Players should try out for only one age group (for example, U9 team, not U9 and U10)
  • We encourage all players to attend both tryout sessions (#1 and #2 below)
  • Players should bring water, a soccer ball, cleats and shin guards
  • Rain dates will be communicated in case of inclement weather
  • Free to tryout; No cost to sign-up
What are Premier teams
  • 'Premier' travel soccer teams will consist of the most committed and competitive players that are looking for regional competition in the Metro New York area. 
  • Our existing premier teams compete on a 10 month schedule. Our teams are top tier premier teams that match or exceed the experiences of nearby Premier and Academy clubs at a fraction of the cost.
  • Practice 2-3 per week, competition in NY Club Premier League and NY State Cup as well as 3-4 regional tournaments per year.
  • It is understood that the level of commitment for these teams may exceed what your family is interested in. We understand that and NRFC will continue to prioritize our excellent WYSL travel teams at these ages.

If you experience difficulties registering online, please come to your Tryout session early to fill out the proper paperwork

  • Try-Outs are mandatory. Anyone wishing to play on a New Rochelle U9 through U12 travel team, including current players, must attend Try-Outs. Two sessions are scheduled for each age group; we strongly encourage all players to attend both try-outs, but it’s imperative that they attend at least one. We hold two sessions per age group as that allows for players to have two opportunities on separate days to put in their best performance and allow for challenges like illness, injury, family schedules, etc.
  • All Players must register for Try-Outs – but only at one age group. Players should register at http://ysnewrochelle.siplay.com/site/ In most cases, players should register for their “natural” age group based on their birthdate. Regardless of the age group a child registers for, NRFC reserves the right to place a player on a team in any age group deemed most appropriate, based on age and ability.
  • Current teams will change based on Try-Outs. This happens every year. We understand that many teams and coaches want to stay together, but it’s a core principle of NRFC that we form teams based on ability. Kids change each year. Some improve and deserve to “move up”. Others don’t improve as much and might move “down”. It’s best for everyone if kids are playing with others of similar ability. Because of the change in age group definitions (changing to a calendar year system), there may be more changes than in previous years. The players form new bonds with their new teammates this has worked extremely well for NRFC.
  • Based primarily on the Try-Out results (but also with some input from coaches), new teams are formed for the Fall 2017 season. We do our best to form the most competitive teams based on age and ability – and also try to have as many kids as possible playing travel soccer.
  • Try-Out results / evaluations are based on the following criteria: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental.
  • We hire a professional soccer organization, Storm Soccer Academy (Storm), to manage player evaluations during Try-Outs. Storm has the knowledge and skills to make an objective assessment of each player. In addition, we also seek feedback from coaches/trainers of existing travel teams. However, the most weight is given to the Storm’s independent evaluation.
  • We do our best to form the teams and contact players with the results of the Try-Outs as quickly as possible. But we also try to minimize the disruption to the current Spring season. Players should expect to hear the results of Try-Outs and their new teams for the Fall sometime after the Memorial Day weekend.

We form travel teams based on the Try-Out evaluations and coaches input and assign players to teams accordingly. Many in youth sports refer to such assignments as an “A” team, “B” team, and, if numbers allow, a “C” team. Our view is that it is a privilege to play on any travel team and not everyone will be able to do so. Grouping players by skill level is recommended by all soccer professionals with whom NRFC is associated. However, players develop and grow differently, which means that some players may move between teams over the years. Our goal is to have players/teams grouped as much as possible by age and ability.

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