Premier Tryouts

ALL PREMIER tryout results have been communicated. For more information please emailĀ

Please Arrive 20 minutes early to check in!

Age GroupBirth YearTryout #1
Friday April 12
Tryout #2
Friday April 26
Tryout #3
Friday May 3
G12 2008 5-6pm (Fosina) 5-6pm (Fosina) 5-6pm (Fosina)
G13 2007 6-7pm (Fosina) 6-7pm (Fosina) 6-7pm (Fosina)
G15 2006 / 2005 7-8pm (Fosina) 7-8pm (Fosina) 7-8pm (Fosina)
G16 2004 8-9pm (Skidelsky) 8-9pm (Skidelsky) 8-9pm (Skidelsky)
B11 / B12 2009 / 2008 5-6pm (Fosina) 5-6pm (Fosina) 5-6pm (Fosina)
B13 / B14 2007 / 2006 6-7pm (Fosina) 6-7pm (Fosina) 6-7pm (Fosina)
B15 / B16 2005 / 2004 7-8pm (Fosina) 7-8pm (Fosina) 7-8pm (Fosina)
B17 2003 8-9pm (Skidelsky) 8-9pm (Skidelsky) 8-9pm (Skidelsky)

Tryouts are FREE but registration is REQUIRED.
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  • If your son or daughter is a competitive player and seeking high levels of competition in a professionally coached club then please follow the link below and register
  • NRFC Premier Teams provide a higher level of competition
  • NRFC Premier is a 10 month program where children can build character by learning virtues of hard work, leadership and team work
  • These teams are introduced at select age groups and compete in the New York Club Soccer League and participate in the NY State Cup
  • NRFC Premier Teams will be directed and instructed by the New Rochelle High School Soccer Coaching staff Francesco Notaristefano: Girls Coaching Director
    Jarohan Garcia: Boys Coaching Director

For more information please email

  • Players are encouraged to attend all 3 Premier tryouts
  • Bring a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards and water to the tryouts
  • In case of inclement weather, a make up date will be communicated