Health Waiver

NRFC Parents will be allowed as spectators at games on CSDNR fields as long as they follow mask and spacing protocols.

NRFC has informed CSDNR that all players, coaches, and spectators will be masked at ALL times. We have let our leagues know as well.

Each player/guardian, coach, or manager must sign the waiver in the link below BEFORE our first NRFC game or YSNR rec weekend.

  • Health Waiver for 2021 Soccer Season

    Health Waiver for 2021 Soccer Season

    - Please click on the thumbnail or download button to download the PDF document.
    - Please print, read, fill out and sign the document (remember you can use one form for the player and parent).
    - Please email the Signed document to this address:
    - If possible name the document (file type: PDF, JPG or PNG) as [TeamName] – [PlayerName] (Example Lions – John Doe.pdf)