Player Development Framework

NRFC Coaching Statement

The most fundamental skill needed for a NRFC soccer player is the individual mastery of the ball, along with their creativity and imagination when playing.

This must be a priority at training and games, especially before puberty. As our players master these skills, the tactics become easier to coach, and most importantly, to learn.


  • We need to know the player, and his/her developmental needs - Fun, Enjoyable, Development
  • We are coaching individuals (technique) within a team environment during practices & games
  • Our coaching must be age & skill appropriate for each player’s game model (4v4...11v11)
  • Allowing each player to think & make a decision, and support bravery


  • Coaches need to understand age appropriate team values
  • Coaches and players need to set co-constructed team goals
  • Coaches need to create an environment where team values are 'lived' during training and games.


  • A Long Term Player Development approach, based on the Needs & Goals of players.
  • A player-centered approach at training and games; coaching an individual within the team
  • Teaching how to play the game through skill development and PRINCIPLES OF PLAY (POP), and not focused on positions, organization and formations
  • Implementing learning activities that are age and stage appropriate, and most important, GAME-LIKE.
  • Fun, enjoyable & learning

Stages of Player Development

Stages of Player Development

Player Development Framework U7- U8

Developmental Goals:

  • Learning the BASICS of attacking
  • defending & transition (Going forward, protecting the goal)

Developmental Needs:

  • Playing experience through GAME-LIKE situations
  • Principles of play

Learning Activities:

  • Small sided games (1v1, 2v1....3v3/4v4)
  • Motor skills development - ladders, hoops, hurdles

Player Development Framework U9 - U10

Developmental Goals:

  • “Playing as a team”

Developmental Needs:

  • Developing relationships on the field
  • Attacking & defending as a team (POP)
  • Game-like Situations

Learning Activities:

  • Small sided games (1v1, 2v1....3v3/4v4);
  • Basic use of formation
  • Coordination training

Player Development Framework U11-U12

Developmental Goals:

  • “Playing a position for the team”

Developmental Needs:

  • Understanding role, position & task in a team
  • Experience position specific task in defending & attacking Through Game-like situations

Learning Activities:

  • Mixture of small sided games, plus uneven games;
  • Using formation that relates to game - positions,
  • Create soccer specific problems

Resources For Coach Development

Player Development

Group Chat (WhatsApp)

    • Share results
    • Best players
    • Who needs work
  • Post Game Analysis
  • Goal of chat - Players’ technical ability, actions & decision making

Player Development Clinics

The plan is to offer 2 or 3 coaching clinics during the season.

Possible objectives:

  • Coaching Methods
  • Demonstrate how to coach a player within the team at practice
  • Coaching your team in game day